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WTF: Rolling thunder! Watch this dazzling collection of women’s Kyokushin knockouts

What did you expect us to start the year with? Backgammon?

Happy New Year, and all that. I’m not gonna get too sappy this week, it’s whatever. Only resolution you can expect is to be seeing more and more ass whuppings and oddball content on the regular.

Since there’s no need for extended chit-chat, let’s barge right into the antics, shall we?

We start the year with our guy Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns, and it’s what we’ve come to love and expect. Wing Chun being tested in an MMA bout.

Some caveats are necessary, however.

First off, you can see this bout is taking place outdoors. No problem with that, you’re already reading this and that means you’re used to unconventional stuff. The gloves are a bit large, but you see one of them using a bit of the stance and punches from Wing Chun. It’s not strictly an MMA vs traditional style matchup, just MMA with one guy using a bit of an uncommon base. Not terribly thrilling, but definitely very interesting.

We’re gonna revisit the crew over at Dambe Warriors, bringing in the new year with another impressive record. Check this 7 second knockdown/TKO.

After tangling up with the lead hand, it was all infighting and heavy hits. It was quick work from inside and a shot to the temple that led to the stagger and the finish. Silaka stood over the man as a statement, and he’s definitely someone to look forward in his future outings.

Judo Highlights is doing lovely work in curating The Gentle Way, and here’s their collection of top Ippons for 2022. It’s just what it says on the tin, and it’s gold.

This is gonna be rough. A one-hour collection of some of the most brutal Lethwei bouts out of Myanmar. Is the whole thing worth sitting through? You better believe it is, kid.

Here’s a great collection of Kyokushin knockouts. There’s only one minor twist: all competitors are women. And guess what? They’re just as amazing as you’d expect.

That opening kick alone is worth the view. Excellent work getting done here.

We’re back with Kickboxing Tribute, a channel that focuses on strikers (because, of course). Here’s the third part of their December knockout recap, and there’s some real doozies here:

We’re gonna end this with some martial arts frauds suffering some pretty embarrassing moments. Some classics are here, like the MMA fighter challenging the old chi master, and George Dillman doing the goofy no-touch KO. The Yellow Bamboo chi blast also gets tested, and spoiler alert: it doesn’t go great for Team Bamboo.

Don’t be ashamed of being one of those people that starts their gym journey in January. Do what you gotta do and stay consistent. It’s only good if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Prioritize your happiness above all else. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.