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Dillon Danis bows out of KSI boxing bout, gets replaced by FaZe Temper

Dillon Danis has pulled out of his boxing match with KSI that is scheduled to happen next week.

Dillon Danis has pulled out of his boxing match with KSI
Dillon Danis has pulled out of his boxing match with KSI
Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Dillon Danis has officially pulled out of his boxing match with KSI that was scheduled to happen on January 14th at Wembley Arena in London, England. Fear not, though, as fellow social media mogul FaZe Temper has stepped up on short notice to compete against KSI.

A member of KSI’s management team, Mams Taylor, has unveiled some of their believed circumstances surrounding Danis dropping out of the fight. As first transcribed by, Taylor suggested that Danis bowing out was due to a severe lack of preparation.

Taylor explained, “The real reason is, from what they said to me, is that he’s under-prepared.”

“He has no coach. He might be struggling with weight even though there’s no rehydration. He has not been able to find a team that’s going to support him to bring him into the fight and obviously he’s got some other issues I think.”

Taylor also expressed his disappointment that Dillon didn’t share the same level of respect, “It’s very sad and unfortunate because he didn’t reciprocate the respect that we’ve given him. He’s clearly embarrassed that he’s in this position and - look, who knows what he’s going to come out with and say, but I’m disappointed because I never thought that someone who cares about his reputation as much as he does or what people think of him, I didn’t think that this would be something despite many people saying the opposite, that he’s not going to show up to the fight. They were right.”

Here’s the clip from Misfits Boxing’s YouTube’s channel where Mams Taylor explains what happened:

Despite Danis exiting stage right, KSI has taken to social media to inform his fans that the show must got on, and that he will still be fighting on January 14th. A replacement opponent has been selected in the form of fellow social media star, FaZe Temper. If you can remember, Temper competed against some guy named “Overtflow” on the third Misfits Boxing event — so we are very much still living in the realm of celebrity boxing.

This event will air on Saturday January 14th, 2023 on DAZN PPV.