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UFC Hall-of-Famer Tito Ortiz accepts boxing callout from bodybuilding influencer

Former UFC champion and Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz has agreed to fight “Big Boy” Jake Johns.

Tito Ortiz after his knockout loss to Anderson Silva in 2021.
Tito Ortiz after his knockout loss to Anderson Silva in 2021.
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Social media influencer Jake Johns (more popularly known as ‘Big Boy’) wants a boxing match against UFC Hall of Famer and former champion Tito Ortiz. Big Boy said this on social media.

Ortiz has since issued a response via social media. At least based on this, there’s a chance we see more of “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” in action in his late 40s.

“This Big Boy cat ... he said that I called him out. I never called this guy out,” Ortiz said on Instagram (quotes by MMA Mania). “This guy is talking out of the side of his neck. I’ve never had any problem against him, or with him, I like the guy.

“He said I called him out, which is completely false. The guy wants smoke, let’s light this shit up, let’s do it. I’ve done nothing since I fought Anderson. I still got fight left in me. If this guy wants smoke, make it happen.”

Ortiz, who turns 48 this month, has been inactive since his boxing debut in 2021 against Anderson Silva. He lost via first-round knockout.