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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury in the works for February 25th

It looks like Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury might actually happen on February 25, 2023.

After this matchup fizzled out not once, but twice... Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is now being targeted for February 25th of this year.

This story was first reported by Boxing Kingdom, with Inside Fighting reporting that the bout will be taking place in Saudi Arabia. A venue for the spectacle has yet to be named. The event will likely be put on by Paul’s own Most Valuable Promotions, so fans shouldn’t be surprised to see other social media influencers/non-combat sports athletes competing on the card as well.

The first time these two were supposed to throw hands was in December of 2021, but Fury pulled out of the contest due to medical matters. That was when former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, stepped in to get his rematch with Paul. After that, Paul vs. Fury was supposed to happen in August of 2022, but the fight was cancelled due to visa issues on Fury’s side.

Paul then brought in Hasim Rahman Jr. to compete against, but Rahman Jr.’s weight-cutting struggles resulted in the entire event being cancelled. After dealing with multiple opponents pulling out, Paul peered back over to the MMA pond and got UFC legend Anderson Silva on the line.

Back in October of last year, the ‘Problem Child’ scored a clean knockdown on Silva late in the fight, picking up a unanimous decision victory and adding another former MMA champ to his now 6-0 boxing record. After that match, betting odds were released for Jake’s next opponent. Nate Diaz was favored overall, and then Fury was right behind him as the second most likely candidate.

The 8-0 Fury last competed at Wembley Stadium in April of last year, where he won on points against Daniel Bocianski. In his first match against someone with a respectable record, Fury opened up a cut over the left eye of Bocianski, and even scored a knockdown in the fifth round. Hopefully nothing gets in the way of him versus Paul this time, and if it does, then everyone should take the hint from the boxing gods and bury this one for good.

Are we being sold wolf tickets here, or is Paul vs. Fury actually about to happen?