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MMA community reacts to Francis Ngannou’s shock exit from the UFC

See how the MMA community reacted to the news of Francis Ngannou’s free agency.

Well, it’s official: Francis Ngannou is no longer under contract with the UFC.

The news of Ngannou’s departure came as a shock to the MMA community, as he was not only one of the biggest stars in the promotion but also the reigning UFC heavyweight champion at the time.

“The Predator” had been in a public contract dispute with the UFC the past year and was one of the most vocal critics of fighter pay, demanding higher pay across the board.

UFC president Dana White, who has had problems with Ngannou in the past, claimed Ngannou turned down a deal that would have made him “the highest paid heavyweight” in UFC history.

Ngannou has yet to release a public statement on his departure, but that hasn’t stopped the MMA community from speculating about his next move and what led to his sudden exit.

Check out some of the reactions below, courtesy of Twitter.

With Ngannou now a free agent, it will be interesting to see which promotion he decides to sign with or whether he will pursue a career in boxing.