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Highlights & video: KSI KO’s FaZe Temperrr in first round at Misfits Boxing 4

Check out the full fight video highlights of KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr from tonight’s Misfits Boxing event.

KSI knocked out FaZe Temperrr in first round of their exhibition 
KSI knocked out FaZe Temperrr in first round of their exhibition 
Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

The featured matchup for tonight’s Misfits Boxing event saw YouTube star KSI knockout fellow social media sensation, FaZe Temperrr, in less than a half-a-round.

Nobody really expected this one to last very long, and they were correct. At just 2:19 of the opening round, a right cross to overhand left landed from KSI that sent FaZe Temperrr crashing to the canvas. Those two blows were enough to put Temperrr down for the count, and further perpetuate the celebrity boxing career of KSI.

What will be next for KSI? Well, whoever his next opponent will be, we can be pretty sure that it won’t be Dillon Danis.

Check out Tim Bissell’s play-by-play of KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr:


KSI takes the middle and pumps his jab. Temper tries darting in, but neither man can land. KSI comes in and lands a big shot to the body, Temper clinches him up but they are quickly broken up. KSI has his hands down very low. He jumps in, but gets caught with a short right by Temper. Now his hands are up. Both men trade jabs. KSI slips a jab and then comes in with hooks, hits mostly shoulder. KSI lands to the body again, Temper covers up and responds with a nice straight right. KSI keeps bulldozing. He comes in and lands a huge combo hand that downs Temper! Temper rolls and tries to get up, but he’s out. The ref waves it off.

KSI beats FaZe Temperrr by KO, round 1 (2:19)