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Full details of Dana White’s slapping incident may be kept hidden due to Mexico’s privacy laws

Details of Dana White’s slapping incident will likely be kept under wraps thanks to Mexico’s privacy laws.

Dana White’s Contender Series: Wallace v Solecki Photo by Chris Unger/DWCS LLC

The full details of the New Year’s slapping incident between Dana White and his wife may never become public record. According to a report by ESPN, it’s all thanks to Mexico’s strict privacy laws regarding domestic violence cases.

A spokesperson from the Cabo San Lucas police department got in touch with the outlet, stating that under Mexican law, such cases are classified as “very private.” Investigations will only commence once the victim comes forward to file an assault report, according to political science professor Céline González.

“The onus to bring evidence is always on the victim. It’s her job to report, and in Mexico, that process isn’t easy,” González said.

White was seen on video getting slapped by his wife then responding with a slap of his own. The incident happened during a New Year’s eve celebration in Cabo, which immediately went viral.

The couple has since released a statement, claimed it was the first time for them to be involved in such an altercation. For his part, White has discouraged anyone from defending his actions.