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WTF: Lethwei headbutts and fake self-defense masters

Sure, Lethwei headbutts probably leave both with headaches. But one of them gets it worse than the other, right?

Major MMA may be back, but it’s probably not hitting the way some fans would like to start the year off. A few smaller events here and there, that’s it.

But that’s fine. We’ve got the good, the bad, and the utterly absurd of the fringes of combat sports, along with fun traditional items and interesting detours. Enjoy.

We’ll actually go with a throwback to start things off. Our guy Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns compiled a collection of bonkers oddities a while back. Not just weird, but some of these are just plainly hilarious. Lots of the usual “compliant demonstration partner“ shenanigans, but it’s accompanied by plain and old-fasioned bunk.

My personal favorite has to be the guy in the chair with the girl doing seated defense from a chair against a standing opponent. It’s exactly what a good martial art needs, a chance to grab your partner and do-si-do. There’s also a grappling demonstration involving a very good boy that deserves better. Some of it isn’t even the kind of funny you laugh at, it’s just gawk-worthy behavior.

We’ve come a long way, but clearly not long enough.

Dambe Warriors keeps giving us so much, we’re just spoiled rotten. Check out this firefight where there’s a ton of punches thrown but not as many landed. All it took was one game-changer to put the other guy on roller skates and the fight had to be stopped early as the dude was wobbled hard.

Have you been craving Lethwei? Uncle Victor brought some for you, and it’s a gem. It’s all knockouts in the ring with snippets of training footage. These are absolutely ruthless, and this vid has a big of everything the sport has on offer. Elbows, punches, knees, kicks, and yes... headbutts. As it is with all things Lethwei, it’s not for the faint of heart.

SAMBOFIAS has some lovely highlights in a neat little package this week.

Kushti is back, and here’s a hard fought battle that ends with a strong pin. These guys really work through a hard grind to get to where they need to be. You’ve got to respect that.

We’re gonna end this on a positive.

Here’s a classic from almost a decade ago, where a Polish Karate black belt takes on a brick-breaking challenge. Yes, I know. It doesn’t necessarily apply to a street fight. That said, it still demonstrates the work and discipline of sharpening your abilities and pushing yourself physically.

Our guy summons all the energy and focuses intensely to demolish the stack with one hit and even falls on his butt in the process.

See how he’s pumped at the end and tries to get the crowd more riled up? He earned that. That was dope. Years late, but good for you, Polish Karate Guy™. You did that.

Have a great week, and take care of yourselves. Hope you’re all as happy as I am that Antonio Banderas is still pulling down some big checks. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.