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KSI vs. FaZe Temper weigh-in live results and video

See what happens on the scales ahead of the latest celebrity boxing spectacle.

KSI was supposed to be fighting Dillon Danis this weekend but that fell through for reasons I am too lazy to look up online. Either way, KSI is now fighting FaZe Temper, whose skills in the boxing ring I am not familiar with and, again, I’m too lazy to look up online.

I knew these are both gamers from rival clans (Sidemen and FaZe), but that’s about as deep as I’m going to get into this match-up.

The fight is for the Misfit Boxing light heavyweight title (like that’s a real thing). Also on the card is a bout for the equally pointless Misfit Boxing light heavyweight title, being contested between a guy called Slim and someone called Tom Zanetti who may or may not be a reality TV star.

The rest of the card is filled with influencers from various social media platforms. They are due to fight Saturday in the UK. The event begins at 2 p.m. ET. The main event ringwalks are expected at 5 p.m. ET.

First of all, though, they have to weigh in (I think). No idea how legit this process is, but there’s video of it anyways. Check out above if you’re curious.

Full results:

MF cruiserweight championship: KSI (c) (175) vs. FaZe Temper (175.9)

MF light heavyweight championship: Slim (c) (169.8) vs. Tom Zanetti (175)

Cruiserweight: Salt Papi (180.2) vs. Josh Brueckner (184.9)

Cruiserweight: Ryan Taylor (185.4) vs. Swarmz (183.9)

Light heavyweight: Mystery opponent (167) vs. BDave (168)

Cruiserweight: Joe Fournier vs. Tony Christodoulou

Super lightweight: Elle Brooke (137) vs. Faith Ordway (138.5)

Light heavyweight: Anthony Taylor (174.2) vs. Idris Virgo (174)