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Hey Not the Face! 08: What To Expect from MMA Promotions in 2023

Episode 08 discussion: Our latest episode focuses on what John thinks will happen with each of the major promotions in 2023.

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Welcome to Hey Not the Face!, the podcast that provides expert analysis on all aspects of combat sports finance with an intense focus on fighter pay. Hey Not the Face! will also feature updates on both antitrust suits against the UFC, in-depth comparisons of boxing pay vs. MMA pay, thorough examinations of contracts and more. The show is hosted by John Nash and airs twice monthly. No permanent schedule has been worked out, but we’ll make sure to notify everyone via our various social media platforms when new shows are released. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.

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- PFL likes to boast about being the clear #2, how are they really doing financially?

- What should we make about Jake Paul signing with them? What is his deal with the PFL?

- Can the PFL be successful, especially with their PPV division?


- Why are we putting these two together?

- How did they do last year?

- What about the rumors that Bellator is for sale?


- Can we start talking about One Championship for real? Are they still losing a bunch of money or not? How do they stay in business?

- How big is the Amazon deal for them? What about holding their first event in the US this year?

- What is their end goal? Are they still planning an IPO?


- How did the UFC do in 2022 and what is their financial outlook for 2023?

- Does the Dana White domestic violence incident hurt them and will there be any repercussions for White?

- Ngannou is now a free agent. What’s the possibility he and other big named fighters leave the UFC this year?

- What should we expect from the antitrust lawsuit this year?

What can happen in Washington DC to impact the entire industry?

- Will the Ali Act be reintroduced to Congress?

- Could the FTC new rules on non-competes affect contracts for MMA fighters?

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