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Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage challenges Boris Johnson boxing match

The former politician challenged the former prime minister during an appearance at the O2 Arena for KSI’s boxing event.


Nigel Farage has called out Boris Johnson for a boxing match, adding that he can “deal” with the disgraced former prime minister.

Speaking at the O2 Arena following KSI’s boxing match against rapper Swarmz on Aug. 27, 2022, the former leader of the Brexit Party suggested he could be tempted to face Johnson in the boxing ring in the foreseeable future.

“Boris, if you’re listening now, let’s do it,” Farage said.

The controversial politician, who described himself as a “big boxing fan,” later took to TikTok to add: “Was that heat of the moment? Or Boris, are you up for it?”

Johnson, whose administration collapsed in scandal, was replaced by Liz Truss as prime minister earlier this week.

Farage also emphasized his respect for influencers like KSI, whom he believes have the platforms to counter so-called “left-wing propaganda” in the United Kingdom.

“I’m guessing that virtually nobody in the Westminster media or politics will have spotted it, but, these influencers like KSI, followed by millions and millions of people are actually providing pretty good role models to our young people,” Farage said. “They are a counter to the left-wing propaganda that is being fed to our youngsters through our schools and our universities. It was for me a really fascinating, transformative moment. I’ve seen out there that there is a big upwelling of millions of young people that are quite patriotic, quite decent. Something really, really interesting is going on here.

“Politically, there are millions of young people that will be voting in the next general election, and the one after, and these influencers could have a major impact on millions and millions of votes.”

Farage’s challenge to Johnson isn’t the only way that he has attempted to stay relevant in British politics. The former UKip and Brexit party leader recently launched “Farage Gin,” an “artisan distillery in the heart of Cornwall.”