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Very, very tough fight - Hear Joe Rogan's reaction to Anderson Silva vs. ‘legit’ Jake Paul

“If Jake Paul really decides to fight Anderson, that’s a very, very, very tough fight.”

Count Joe Rogan amongst those eager to see Jake Paul take on Anderson Silva in the boxing ring on Oct. 29.

The matchup is rumored to take place in Phoenix after former UFC middleweight champion and pound-for-pound great Silva recently received a boxing license to fight in Arizona.

Silva, 47, is 2-0 since returning to boxing last year, with back-to-back victories over former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Tito Ortiz, finishing the latter via KO.

‘The Spider’ is widely considered one of the greatest strikers in MMA history and one of the toughest fights available for Paul right now, according to Rogan.

The UFC color commentator and podcast host spoke candidly about the matchup during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (h/t MMA Junkie), crediting YouTuber Paul as a legit talent and Silva his toughest test to date.

“I love it,” Rogan said. “If Jake Paul really decides to fight Anderson, that’s a very, very, very tough fight. Anderson, if he just went straight into boxing, would have been a f*cking world champion.”

“Jake Paul is one of the smartest marketers that the f*cking sport has ever seen,” he added. “And he can fight. The thing is, people think he’s this YouTube guy, and he can’t fight. The way he knocked out Tyron Woodley? Come the f*ck on.”

“I’ve said this multiple times: If that guy was just a boxer and you never known anything about his background on YouTube and you saw him knock out Tyron Woodley with one shot, you’d be like, ‘Holy sh*t, there’s this new guy coming up, and he’s a bad motherf*cker. He’s really legit.”

Paul is 5-0 in boxing with knockout victories over former MMA welterweight champions Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. He last fought in Dec. 2021 at a Showtime Sports event where he knocked out ‘T-Wood’ in the sixth round. Despite never having fought a professional boxer, Paul is one of the hottest commodities and biggest draws in the sport right now.