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Junior Dos Santos goes off on ‘dirty fighter’ Ciryl Gane, accuses him of fouling Tuivasa at UFC Paris

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos, believes Ciryl Gane is ‘a dirty fighter’ after hitting Tai Tuivasa in the back of the head in his UFC Paris win.

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The UFC’s former heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos, is not too fond of the promotion’s former interim title holder, Ciryl Gane.

In an epic banger at UFC Paris this past Saturday (September 3rd), Gane overcame being knocked down in the second round to rally and score a sensational knockout of Tai Tuivasa in the third.

JDS took to social media to express his disapproval of the French fighter, and posted a clip of a strike to the back of the head that connected in the finishing sequence that saw Gane dispatch his Aussie counterpart. Tuivasa was discombobulated and shelling up in an almost perpendicular stance to Ciryl, and that’s when a standing hammerfist was deployed that landed to the back of the dome.

The former champion exclaimed, “What a dirty fighter this Gane is.’ Going further saying, ‘Again hitting the back of the head.” Cigano ended his tweet with, “Nad [sic] now what are those “fight experts” will say about it?” and then tagged the UFC and Dana White on Twitter.

JDS is alluding to his final fight under the UFC banner where Gane stopped him with strikes in the second round. In that UFC 256 bout back in December of 2020, a jab from Ciryl rocked Junior, and then a stinging elbow further hurt him, followed by one final elbow sent him crashing to the floor. JDS was turning away as that last elbow landed, sort of in a similar fashion to what a dazed Tuivasa was doing, which aided in the blow crashing down on the ear and partially to the back of the head.

The fight was stopped and when Dos Santos stood back up, he quickly protested and complained about being struck in the back of the head. Now, did the blow actually land to the back of the head? Yes it partially did, but would it have been to that location had JDS not been turning his back to his opponent? Probably not.