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Video: Tai Emery flashes crowd to celebrate BKFC win, Pornstar sponsor approves

Tai Emery flashed the audience after her BKFC win

Tai Emery flashed the audience after her BKFC win.

Knowing your audience is key in marketing.

BKFC basically started a flyweight division mainly with women that have OnlyFans pages, and Tai Emery maximized her time in the spotlight to cater to that specific market that the promotion has been leaning into.

Emery made her promotional debut Saturday at BKFC Thailand 3, winning by TKO after a slick combo left Rung-Arun Khunchai unable to continue. The victory was already pretty impressive, but the Australian fighter also made sure she made a lasting impression.

Emery celebrated by getting on top of the ropes and flashing the crowd.

“Interesting celebration right there, haven’t seen that one yet before,” the commentator reacted.

The video went viral on Twitter, with the censored and Instagram friendly video embedded below. (In case it still isn’t obvious by now, the following is content that is NSFW.)

Emery, who like many in the BKFC roster has an OnlyFans page, also had Kendra Lust as one of her main sponsors. She had “Lust” logos on her fight gear, and the adult film star approved of the now viral post-fight celebration.