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UFC flyweight Casey O’Neill calls troll’s bluff, challenges him to spar

Fighters read your tweets.

Casey O’Neill when she fought Roxanne Modafferi at UFC 271.
Casey O’Neill when she fought Roxanne Modafferi at UFC 271.
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

UFC flyweight Casey O’Neill improved her undefeated record to 9-0 last time out, with a split decision win over Roxane Modafferi at February’s UFC 271. The win means O’Neill has four UFC victories under her belt.

But despite her stoppages of Antonina Shevchenko, Lara Procopio and Shana Dobson, one random dude on the internet was not impressed.

A twitter user thought it was a good idea to tag O’Neill and share his low opinion of her.

“[O’neill] is genuinely such a low level of fighter,” wrote the user who I am choosing to leave anonymous. “Women’s mma in general is low level but Casey is something else. I have no fighting experience at all but could still fight better than she does.”

It didn’t take long for O’Neill to seize on those words and offer a challenge.

“[Xtreme Couture] in Las Vegas. Tuesday/Thursday is sparring day. 3:30pm,” she wrote.

She followed that tweet up with, “Come spar me, that would be fun.”

Fun for her, I’m sure.

O’Neill’s coach waded into the conversation, attempting to make sure his gym wouldn’t be held liable for what might happen if a random dude on the internet sparred a UFC fighter.

“Just sign the waiver,” wrote Eric Nicksick.

O’Nell’s teammate, and fellow UFC fighter, Chris Curtis got in on the act, too. “I am definitely filming this,” he wrote. “I love that he called out a woman though. Super brave.”

The troll seemed to accept the offer, writing “Get it agreed by the gym owner and I’ll spar you next Tuesday and prove my point.”

So now we can wait and see if this dude gets to join a growing Hall of Shame of men who thought they were tough enough to hang with pro fighters in the gym.

And if this doesn’t happen, hopefully that’s the end of this matter. Though, one fighter once showed that things you say on the internet can really come back to bite you.