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Jake Paul says he’s training at AKA for MMA debut with ‘big organization’

Jake Paul once again talks about a possible MMA run, but this time, his preparation plans seem more specific.

YouTuber turned pro boxer Jake Paul has once again opened a discussion about a possible MMA run. In March, “The Problem Child” even released footage of him “training MMA” while also offering to take a one-off UFC fight against the company’s golden child.

The 25-year-old spoke about his MMA plans in a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, which included special guest Tyron Woodley. According to him, he’s in talks with a “big organization” for his much-hyped debut.

“I’m working with a big organization right now. A whole thing in MMA. It also has to do with me fighting and we’re gonna have an announcement soon.”

Paul said he’ll be working with one of the renowned teams in the industry.

“Javier Mendez said he would train me, so I’ll go to AKA. I’ll probably need, like, a year, year and a half to get the kicks down. I already know jiu-jitsu… I want to be able to do everything in there. At least checking kicks. I know how to wrestle already.”

For now, Paul will have to worry about the toughest test of his prizefighting venture as he’s slated to face former longtime UFC champion and future Hall-of-Famer Anderson Silva for his sixth pro boxing fight. It is set to take place on October 29 in Arizona.