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UFC Paris results: Ciryl Gane overcomes knockdown to knock out Tai Tuivasa

Ciryl Gane just knocked out Tai Tuivasa in an explosive UFC Paris main event.

UFC Paris is officially over, and we got a whopper in the main event! The UFC’s former interim heavyweight champion, Ciryl Gane, overcame being dropped in the second round to rally and knockout the #3 ranked, Tai Tuivasa in the third. It was a big haymaker that put Gane in Jeopardy, but it was a series of body kicks that got Ciryl back in the game. After continuing to punish the midsection of Tuivasa, a nasty right cross wobbled the Aussie, and a flurry sat him down. It was the followup ground and pound that officially sealed the deal. This was such a fun fight, and showed us the heart that Gane truly has.

Tuivasa took the center of the Octagon to get things going, with Gane playing the outside. The low kicks of Tuivasa were deployed right away, with Gane launching kicks to the body. There was a lot of measuring going on, but the crowd really didn’t mind. Several songs and chants broke roared throughout the stadium. Tuivasa was being quite reserved, only opening up with flurries when he felt like the time was right. Gane pawed with his jab, and attempted a few head kicks, but nothing substantial really landed.

Gane continued to throw his jab out there, and throw out various body kicks. Tuivasa was trying to find a way to get close enough to land his power, but Gane was doing a great job of neutralizing him. Then, a big bolo landed for Tuivasa that dropped Gane. Tai tried to pounce, but Gane started wrestling. Tuivasa opened up with haymakers, but Gane responded with fierce body kicks that hurt Tai. A bit of a brawl broke out, with Tuivasa swinging his heaters, and Gane sticking to his body attack. What a round!

The third act simmered down from the pace that the second round ended with. Gane went right back to probing from range, and maintained his body kicks. Gane went high with a head kick, and Tai stumbled, but may have been playing possum as he instantly returned a massive overhand. The jab of Gane was peppering the now bloodied face of Tuivasa, and helping him stay at range. Repeated teeps to the body of Tuivasa began to add up. Tai was slowing down, and visibly showing that he was hurt. Then, a crisp right hand dazed Tuivasa, and Gane was not going to let him off the hook. Gane unleashed a flurry that dropped Tai, and then finished him off with a series of ground strikes. WHAT A FIGHT!

Ciryl Gane def. Tai Tuivasa by KO at 4:23 of round 3: Heavyweight