The UFC is a platform Dana built and fighters are lucky to stand on it, you goofs!

(Author's note - this is a semi-satirical article written to defend the UFC's horrible business practices. I don't believe most of this, but still an argument could be made...)

Anybody can throw a punch. The UFC just provides people with the biggest platform in the world to punch people on. And Dana built that platform (with hard work, ego, underpaying fighters, mafia money, ego, and exploitive contracts)! Whether you're a DWCS newbie on $10k / $10k or the floating, stinging Ciryl Gane you still get access to the same platform that launched McGregor, immortalized Anderson Silva, and made people aware of Joaquin Buckley who otherwise have no reason to be aware of Joaquin Buckley.

You know how much instagram costs? Nothin'. So get on Instagram and start reaching people. You didn't get interviewed by Joe Rogan after a win? Boo-fuckin'-hoo! You still went to the weigh-ins, didn't you? You still went to the post-fight press conference, right? Of course you did. You had to! And the media was there. Talk to them, tell them who you are, MAKE SOME FANS! PLUG YOUR GRAMS! THEN THROW THEM HANDS!

Ariel Helwani isn't watching the regionals for clips. Morning Kombat isn't regularly spending half their runtime on Bellator, PFL or Combate. They focus on the UFC because Dana built it as the biggest MMA promotion in the world, with the best production values, the most memorable announcers and NÜ-METAL FOR DAYS!!! Getting to place even a toe on the UFC's platform is all the start you should need. if you're not moving the needle, it's your own goddamn fault!

You want your merch rights? You want your video game rights? You want a higher contract? Too fuckin' bad. People only care about you because you're standing on the platform. If you think anybody wants to pay $50 for a couple pieces of T shaped cotton sewn together with a silkscreen of your photo on it after you're fighting in some regional bullshit cage, you're very, very wrong. EA Sports ain't gonna put a mo-cap suit on you when you're losing to UFC washouts in PFL.

Really, Dana should be charging the fighters for access to his platform! I mean think about it - cosmetologists have to pay for their chair in the best salons. Pharmacy managers have to pay Wal-Mart to run pill shops in their supercenters. Why? Because those salons and stores GUARANTEE TRAFFIC on the strength of their brand and their consistency. And the UFC does the same with fighting. If you can't make that work, you weren't supposed to be here anyway!

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