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He needs a handler, someone like me - Joe Rogan knocks Schaub for ‘dumb’ UFC 279 conspiracy

Joe Rogan comments on Brendan Schaub’s “dumb” UFC 279 conspiracy theory.

The mess that was UFC 279 led to the formation of several conspiracy theories. One of them came from former heavyweight turned podcaster Brendan Schaub, who even got into it with UFC president Dana White after claims that the event was “not trending well.”

Schaub’s close friend Joe Rogan recently commented on these claims when he spoke to filmmaker Will Harris on the JRE MMA Show (quotes via MMA News).

“It’s so dumb. I didn’t talk to him about that, but first of all, he’s wrong. He’s wrong about the theory.

“He needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. ‘What are you gonna do? No, no, no; here’s why.’ And he’ll go, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ …

“If you’re spending any time — if you’re a busy man, a family man, you’ve got kids, wife, shit to do — if you’re spending any time arguing on Twitter, that’s a waste of your life; a waste of time.”

In 2014, Rogan famously had a brutally honest conversation with Schaub about the latter’s fighting career. And while it turned out to be the catalyst for Schaub’s decision to retire, we probably can’t expect the same thing in terms of him voicing out his hot takes, at least not any time soon.