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Actor Tom Hardy signs up to compete in two more BJJ events this December

Tom Hardy plans to compete in back-to-back weekends.

Tom Hardy on the Premiere Of Columbia Pictures’ “Venom” - Red Carpet
Tom Hardy on his next BJJ event, probably.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Hardy is taking his jiujitsu journey seriously, and plans to remain active in the UK competition scene. The famous actor won three gold medals after competing in August and September, and he is already gearing up for a lot more BJJ matches before the year ends.

Just days after winning at gold at the UMAC BJJ Open, Bloody Elbow has learned that Hardy has already signed up to join at least two more events before the year ends.

The 45-year-old Hollywood star plans to compete on back-to-back weekends, signing up for the Nogi Jiu Jitsu British Open and Grappling Industries: London on December 3 and 11, respectively.

Hardy last competed as a four stripe blue belt in jiujitsu, and is currently entered to compete on the same belt rank.

The actor is registered to join the 79.5kg (175.3 lbs) Master 3 division at the British No Gi Open. At Grappling Industries the weekend after, Hardy is scheduled to join both their gi and no gi round robin tournaments at the 185 lbs Seniors division.

BJJ competition plans are always known to change and there’s still no word if he’ll also join other events, but as it stands Hardy could be vying for at least three more medals before 2022 ends.

The world famous actor seems to prefer joining BJJ events without much fanfare, but after making mainstream news headlines for winning two events, it’ll probably be tougher to keep his involvements quiet moving forward.

The Dark Knight Rises and Peaky Blinders star has had seven matches in two events so far, winning every bout by submission.

Hardy also has several upcoming projects lined up, including starring roles in the third installment of Venom and the Netflix movie Havoc.