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Floyd Mayweather officially set for another exhibition, faces YouTuber Deji in Dubai

We officially have a boxing exhibition on the books for Floyd Mayweather vs. YouTuber Deji on November 13th in Dubai.

Floyd Mayweather vs. YouTuber Deji is official for November 13th in Dubai
Floyd Mayweather vs. YouTuber Deji is official for November 13th in Dubai

The reports were true, as Mayweather’s Global Titans Fight Series has made it official! Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will have an exhibition match with the YouTuber Deji at the Coca-Cola Arena, in Dubai, on November 13th.

50-0 boxing legend just knocked out RIZIN mma star Mikuru Asakura this past Saturday in Japan, and now Mayweather is fueling up to make his return to the United Arab Emirates for yet another boxing exhibition. It was just back in May of this year that Floyd was in Dubai putting on an exhibition bout with fellow retired boxer Don Moore.

“Money” Mayweather will technically be squaring up with another boxer again in this upcoming trip to the U.A.E. since Deji does in fact have one professional boxing win under his belt. He’s nowhere close to upper echelon where Mayweather resides, but the YouTube sensation did stop fellow YouTuber Yousef ‘Fousey’ Erakat in the second round of their fight.. so at least there’s that.

The bottom line is that Deji is getting a major opportunity to throw hands with one of the greatest ever, and Mayweather’s retirement plan is starting to look oddly similar to Jake Paul’s startup plan.