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Hey Not the Face! 01: Comparing Nate Diaz and Francis Ngannou’s contract situations

Episode 01 discussion: Our debut episode focuses on the unique contract situations that Nate Diaz and Francis Ngannou are in.

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Welcome to Hey Not the Face!, the podcast that provides expert analysis on all aspects of combat sports finance with an intense focus on fighter pay. Hey Not the Face! will also feature updates on both antitrust suits against the UFC, in-depth comparisons of boxing pay vs. MMA pay, thorough examinations of contracts and more. The show is hosted by John Nash and airs twice monthly. No permanent schedule has been worked out, but we’ll make sure to notify everyone via our various social media platforms. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.

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Your host: John S. Nash, aka: @heynottheface
June M. Williams


  • What is Diaz’s current status and what happens next? (Define “exclusive matching period”)
  • Promotions are claiming to be speaking to Nate Diaz, specifically Scott Coker, about possibly signing him. Ariel Helwani says that is patently untrue because of the matching period. Explain why that is (or isn’t) true.
  • Why did it take so long for Diaz to become a free agent? Wasn’t he supposed to have a sunset clause?
  • Tell me about the 3 fights a year guarantee from the UFC
  • *Side convo about antitrust suit
  • What’s different about Ngannou’s contract vs Diaz’s?
  • How effective are Ngannou’s and Diaz’s management?
  • Which fighter has the better options or higher earning potential?
  • How likely is the UFC to make offers these guys can’t refuse?
  • Is there anything that would improve Ngannou’s, Diaz’s or other fighters’ leverage with the UFC?
  • What high profile fighter should we be keeping an eye on to follow those two?

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