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Video: Floyd Mayweather knocks out MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura in Rizin exhibition

It was more like a real fight.


Floyd Mayweather’s return to Japan and Rizin produced another knockout. Once again billed as an exhibition, Mikuru Asakura and Floyd Mayweather treated it like a real fight instead.

Asakura landed a few clean shots early that got Mayweather to smile and take it more seriously. The undefeated boxer turned it up in the next round though. As Asakura tried to get aggressive, Mayweather flipped the script. He landed flush and dropped Asakura with a right hand in the second round. The Japanese fighter was wobbly and clearly hurt as he tried to get back to his feet, prompting the referee to stop the fight.

“I’m happy that we were able to give the fans excitement tonight. Thanks for having me. I’ll be back,” Mayweather said after the fight.

His former rival Manny Pacquiao was also in attendance, hinting at a possible future rematch between the two.

Watch videos from the three round exhibition fight below: