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Videos: Actor Tom Hardy quietly joins back-to-back BJJ events, submits all opponents again

Tom Hardy won gold again in back-to-back BJJ competitions.

Tom Hardy getting his hand raised after submitting his opponent in a BJJ competition. Screengrab, IG @taped_fingers

Tom Hardy won gold in a jiujitsu competition last August. Less than a month later, he did it again.

After winning in both gi and no gi last month, the famous actor quietly entered another event in England last weekend, as he signed up at the 2022 UMAC Milton Keynes BJJ Open. Hardy joined the Blue Belt Masters 3 division (for those over 40) at 82.3 kg.

He won gold again just two days after his 45th birthday.

Hardy’s division had five competitors in total, with three others getting a “bye” during the bracket draws and being automatically slotted in the semifinals. This meant that the three other competitors would only need two wins to take gold, while the 45-year-old actor needed three.

That extra match didn’t seem to have bothered him much, as Hardy went on to beat all three opponents to take home another gold medal. The actor beat Krzysztof Golinski, Gavin Marsh and Andy Leatherland, impressively submitting all three and without a single point being scored against him.

Watch his last two matches below, where he pulled off a bow and arrow choke in the semi-finals, and a straight footlock in the finals to win gold:

With two events in less than a month, Hardy was able to get three golds after seven matches and seven submission wins.

Hardy reportedly started training sporadically after his role in the 2011 MMA movie Warrior, before taking it more seriously in recent years. He is currently a four stripe blue belt in jiujitsu, but after his recent success in actual competition, we could see The Dark Knight Rises and Peaky Blinders star get promoted to purple belt soon.

The actor currently has several upcoming projects lined up, including starring roles in the third installment of Venom and the Netflix movie Havoc.