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Graphic photos: Yadong Song, Gregory Rodrigues suffer gruesome cuts at UFC Vegas 60

How many of you turned away after seeing these cuts? 

Yadong Song and Gregory Rodrigues left the Octagon with gruesome reminders of their fights at UFC Vegas 60 on Saturday.

Song was doing well against Cory Sandhagen, connecting with stiff shots and defending takedowns. The ‘Kung Fu Kid’ had one of the more significant moments in the fight after wobbling the ’Sandman’ with a left hand in the beginning of the second round. However, Sandhagen recovered and responded with a step-in elbow that sliced open a cut above the left eyebrow of Song. Blood poured out immediately, and Song was painted red in an instant.

Upon returning to his corner, the cutman went to work on Song and we got a glimpse of how bad the cut was. Spoiler alert: it was really bad. The doctor allowed him to continue, but told referee Herb Dean to pay close attention to it as the fight progressed. As you may have guessed, the cut went from bad to worse and opened up even further. Before the fifth and final round, the doctor examined Song again and determined he could no longer continue, which brought an end to the fight.

Though Sandhagen was upset he could not give Song another round, it was probably for the best considering the severity and location of the cut.

Warning: Photo below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

Yadong Song’s cut at UFC Vegas 60.
Yadong Song’s cut at UFC Vegas 60.
Screenshot of the ESPN+ broadcast

Surprisingly enough, Song wasn’t the only fighter to have their face split open tonight. Rodrigues survived a knee in the first round of his fight against Chidi Njokuani, but the damage from it couldn’t be ignored. Not only was ‘Robocop’ wobbled, but he also had one of the worst cuts in UFC history between his eyes.

Once again, the cutman did his damndest to clean up the cut and stop the bleeding before Rodrigues went out for the second round. Fortunately, the Brazilian avoided a doctor’s stoppage, wasted no time getting ‘Bang Bang’ down and finished him with ground-and-pound.

Rodrigues would get stitched up backstage, and thanks to UFC president Dana White (H/T Shaun Al-Shatti of MMA Fighting), you can see the before and after pictures of his cut. We’re giving you a warning before the warning: These are brutal.

Warning: Photos below are graphic. Please proceed with caution.