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WTF - Devastating knockouts in Kyokushin and Silat

It’s like he just found the button and jabbed it like an old elevator panel. Yikes.

It only took one shot.

With more MMA on the horizon and a major boxing PPV this weekend, we’re back to warm the engines of martial arts violence.

So after some time away, we’re back with our guy Jerry at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. We start with a kickboxing match that involves a Monkey Style Kung Fu practitioner as a participant. And you know what? It’s pretty damn good.

Now, don’t expect this to look like Eileen from Virtua Fighter or any of the more traditional depictions of Monkey Style. It’s a straight up kickboxing match that has some great back and forths. The guy doesn’t just hold his own, he does some great work in there. Perhaps this is more the style influencing his movement in a different environment, I’m not sure. But it’s not like he got embarrassed out there.

But this next item? Quite unexpected.

So here’s a pair of Jeet Kune Do vs Muay Thai bouts, and there’s some heavy facepalming to be done here. The first bout has the JKD guy looking lost and mostly flailing.

Now, there’s two fights in that video. The second one is a kickboxing match in a cage with big gloves, and the JKD guy does fairly better but is somewhat overwhelmed by the physicality and dynamism of his opponent. There’s a good amount of small things to parse here. JKD just didn’t shine as brightly as it could here, that’s all.

Also, a reminder that Jerry has another channel, Fight Commentary Chats. I joined him recently to discuss matters surrounding modern martial arts, fake martial arts, crypto and the combat sports scene, the politics of sports fandom and a few other items. I promise you, we get the bad and sad stuff out of the way early-ish.

I also managed to curse a bit less. So that’s nice.

Dambe Warriors keeps fostering some bold talent. Here we’ve got a good old-fashioned duel in which after a ton of tension and anticipation, it all ends with one devastating shot. It’s basically Samurai Kirby with life-altering consequences.

Once again, Chris Sumo does some great work in covering amazing things in Japan. Here he gets into lovely rope work utilized in the ongoing Basho this week.

YouTube user Kyokushinway is also doing some great work in providing more insights into the art and keeping eyes on it.

Here’s an otherworldly knockout that adheres to the principles of Kyokushin. Kill the body, then attack the head. All body attacks until the final shot comes along in a flash:

This one has a ton of great action, and it ends with a true stun attack:

Here’s another set of rough and tumble Sambo, courtesy of SAMBOFIAS.

Finally, a rousing knockout from last year at the SEA games in which this Silat match goes from interesting to concerning in very short order:

Have fun, treat each other well, and watch some weird stuff. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.