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UFC 279 results, video: Irene Aldana scores first ever KO via upkick to the liver

Irene Aldana just scored a unique finish on Macy Chiasson on the UFC 279 PPV main card.

The UFC 279 PPV main card is chugging right along with a 140-pound catchweight war that involved one of the most unique finishes that you will ever see!

Irene Aldana pulled off an outstanding up kick to the liver in the third round to stop Macy Chiasson after a back and forth affair. The opening act went to Aldana, who almost caught a tap from an armbar, but then Chiasson turned the tide in the second with a bunch of ground and pound. The final frame is where the ultra-rare up kick to the body landed, causing Chiasson to fold up and fall to the floor. Aldana has now bested four of her last five opponents, with her last three coming by way of finish.

Chiasson was looking to utilize her length to open the match, but then was the one who initiated the clinch. Aldana quickly escaped without being taken down, and started to pressure Chiasson. She was also routinely tagging the legs of Chiasson, while waiting for her moments to go upstairs with her hands. Chiasson went for another takedown, but the hips of Aldana proved to be too much, and she went right to an armbar. In the slow motion replay, it actually looked like Chiasson tapped out, but they fought on. Somehow Chiasson escaped, but Aldana was still on top, going ape and dropping hammers until the bell.

Chiasson opened the second act with some urgency, going after Aldana behind her strikes, which opened up her takedown. Aldana wisely attacked a leg and used the moment to sweep on top, but Chiasson started to make her way to the back. Aldana prolonged the advance with clever elbows, but Chiasson ultimately scrambled her way there. Several elbows landed to the ear of Aldana, all while maintaining control. This was a stellar round for Chiasson!

The first-two minutes of the final round was a back and forth striking battle, until Chiasson hit another takedown. As Chiasson went to stand up, Aldana landed a nasty up kick to the liver. Chiasson doubled over and hit the mat, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight. What a crazy finish!

Irene Aldana def. Macy Chiasson by TKO at 2:21 of round 3: 140-pounds