Quick Numbers: The Venum / UFC Partnership to Date

Halfway through their 3 year apparel sponsorship deal, Venum and the UFC has extended their partnership with a "multi-year renewal" (length or term of the deal have not yet been disclosed). With the extension of this partnership lets look back some of the numbers the Venum sponsorship has generated.


Under the UFC's Code of Conduct policy fighters earn sponsorship pay from the apparel sponsor. There are 6 payment tier based on the number of UFC fights a fighter has competed in plus 2 additional tiers for champions and challengers in a championship fight. These tiers breakdown as follows:

Champion Tier $42,000 Champion in Championship Fight
Challenger Tier $32,000 Challenger in Championship Fight
6th Tier $21,000 21st or more Fight
5th Tier $16,000 16th to 20th Fight
4th Tier $11,000 11th to 15th Fight
3rd Tier $6,000 6th to 10th Fight
2nd Tier $4,500 4th to 5th Fight
1st Tier $4,000 1st to 3rd Fight

The Venum deal in 2021 introduce an increase in sponsorship pay per tier from the previous agreement but the small percentage in growth did not go unnoticed.


Venum has been the UFC's apparel sponsor since UFC on ABC: Vettori vs. Holland in April of 2021. The totals the deal has generated are as follows:

Events 62
Fights 736
Fighters 1472
Highest Paying Event UFC 263: Adesanya vs. Vettori 2 - $363,500 (Jun 12 '21)
Lowest Paying Event UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Rodriguez - $111,500 (Oct 9 '21)

The per tier breakdown of the deal is as follows:

Champion Tier $1,134,000 (9.3%) 27 (1.8%)
Challenger Tier $992,000 (8.1%) 31 (2.1%)
6th Tier $1,659,000 (13.6%) 79 (5.4%)
5th Tier $1,264,000 (10.4%) 79 (5.4%)
4th Tier $1,958,000 (16.1%) 178 (12.1%)
3rd Tier $2,208,000 (18.1%) 368 (25.0%)
2nd Tier $1,210,500 (9.9%) 269 (18.3%)
1st Tier $1,764,000 (14.5%) 441 (30.0%)
TOTAL $12,189,500 1472

To date the UFC's apparel sponsorship deals have paid out $52,280,000 to 6998 fighters since UFC 189 in July of 2015.

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