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Boxer David Lemieux’s father among murder victims in Montreal shooting spree

André Lemieux’s body was found near a park in Montreal and was declared dead at the scene.

David Lemieux v Gary O’Sullivan - Undercard Press Conference Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

A series of shootings in Montreal, Canada has led to the death of Quebec boxer David Lemieux’s father, André.

The shooting—the latest in a plague of gun violence in Montreal this year—was reported on Tuesday night near Roman-Zytynsky Park in the borough of St-Laurent. Officers discovered the body of a 64-year-old man who had been shot at least once. He was declared dead at the scene and was later identified as André Lemieux.

The news was confirmed by his son the following day in a message on Instagram.

“R.I.P dad,” wrote the former International Boxing Federation middleweight champion.

The deceased Lemieux was recently charged in an impaired driving and drug possession case and had a lengthy criminal record that included a 2008 guilty plea to theft.

Lemieux’s death was followed by a second victim who was killed just a few kilometers away from the first shooting. He, too, was declared dead at the scene.

Chief inspector Marie-Claude Dandenault noted that it is likely that “one shooter is responsible for both shootings” and that the victims were likely chosen at random.

“For me to confirm it 100 per cent, we’re waiting on a few details,” Dandenault said. “We’re waiting on the ballistics report. But 99 per cent the same person is responsible for both shootings.”

The fatal shootings mark the latest examples of gun violence in the French-Canadian city. Last week, two teenagers were killed in a shooting incident in a Montreal suburb.