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Jeff Monson loses to Russian neo-Nazi, plans to retire in October

The 51-year-old announced his intentions to retire after one more fight in October 2022.

Following his most recent mixed martial arts defeat, Jeff Monson plans to finally hang up his gloves.

The former UFC title contender and longtime journeyman lost a unanimous decision to Vyacheslav Datsik, the Russian neo-Nazi fighter best known for his KO victory against former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski.

The three-round affair was part of the Ren-TV Fight Club event, which took place on Aug. 6 in Moscow, Russia.

While Monson held his own in the early stages of the bout, landing several takedowns and maintaining top position, Datsik was able to fend off the experienced veteran and eventually took control of the fight with several takedowns of his own.

The entire bout can be viewed below:

In the wake of his most recent loss, the 51-year-old Monson announced his intentions to retire in the coming months.

“I will fight again in October,” Monson, who holds a 61-26-2 professional record, told reporters following the fight on Saturday. “And after that I will retire. I promised to do this to my family.”

Datsik has a lengthy criminal history that includes assault, robbery, murder threats, raiding brothels to humiliate sex workers, and escaping from a psychiatric unit. He is also self-proclaimed white supremacist and has previously aligned himself with banned neo-Nazi groups.

Despite his history of violence and white supremacy, Datsik has been welcomed back into the Russian combat sports community and is expected to face convicted rapist Alexander Emelianenko in a future bout.