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Dojo Storm! Former kickboxing rivals team up, destroy 9 fighters in surprise gym challenge

Kickboxing champions got challenged by nine fighters. The result is as what you would expect.

Former K-1 champ Rukiya Anpo and RISE champ Kosei Yamada fought each other on the undercard of “The Match 2022” kickboxing mega event last June. They may have been former opponents, but the pair unexpectedly teamed up when put in a surprise challenge.

Anpo and Yamada were in the gym together for what they thought would just be some light training with each other. Right in the middle of a friendly sparring session, a big group of fighters from the Ehime prefecture decides to storm their dojo. The elite kickboxers looked confused about the situation at first, but decided to accept the challenge.

Nine people of varying size and skill level took on three professionals, which included the two former rivals. They may have been outnumbered, but as expected, they handled the overmatched challengers pretty easily.

There were cases that the kickboxers played nice and light with their opponents, but there were also instances of outright beatings that involved multiple knockdowns and a nose that exploded from a huge side kick. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

Watch how it all played out below:

Anpo is no stranger to these random challenges. The former K-1 champion was also called out last year in the gym, where he swiftly handed out some humble pie and embarrassed a man claiming to be a “Kung Fu master.”