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UFC Vegas 59 video: Jamahal Hill stops Thiago Santos with strikes

Check out the full fight video highlights of Jamahal Hill finishing Thiago Santos in the UFC Vegas 59 main event. 

The marque matchup for the full-of-finishes UFC Vegas 59 witnessed the promotion’s #10 ranked 205-pounder, Jamahal Hill, taking out the former title challenger in Thiago Santos with strikes in the fourth round. The ironic part is that Santos was the one working the takedowns, but Hill is the one who finished the match with ground strikes. This is by far Hill’s most monumental win to date, so who do you think he should fight next?

There weren’t many wow moments in the opening act, aside form maybe seeing Santos shooting for takedowns and clinching up. Things heated up in the second round when Hill started to let his hands go, which brought us some rather exciting exchanges. There were moments where Santos seemed to be in trouble, but he kept finding a way to stay in it.

The third act saw a ton of wrestling from Santos, with Hill sneaking in some strikes here and there. Pretty much that whole round took place on the inside. The finish came in the fourth, when both men started swinging for the fences. Santos ended up falling over, and Hill got on top and started to pound away until the referee said to stop.

Check out our description of Jamahal Hill finish off Thiago Santos:


Hill pressured in the fourth round, backing up Santos to the fence. That’s where he started to flurry, which prompted Santos to flurry right back. A brawl broke out with men connecting, but Santos fell to the ground. Hill got on top and dropped a plethora of punches, refusing to give Santos any breathing room to recover. The ref gave Santos every opportunity to improve his position, but the punishment was not going to stop, so the official called the fight.

Jamahal Hill def. Thiago Santos by TKO at 2:31 of round 4: Light Heavyweight