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Graphic: Oh snap! Kyle Pavao loudly breaks opponent’s arm with keylock at Cage Titans 55

We are giving you a fair warning now. What you are going to see and hear is brutal. 

Kyle Pavao submitting Wayne Downer with a keylock at Cage Titans 55.
Screenshot from the broadcast, courtesy of @Grabaka_Hitman on Twitter

Cage Titans FC went viral this past Saturday after one of its amateur fights ended in gag-inducing, gut-wrenching fashion.

The promotion held Cage Titans 55 at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Mass., where Kyle Pavao earned the first win of his career with one of the sickest submissions we have seen this year. Pavao snatched up a keylock on Wayne Downer, and before he could have any time to react to it, his left arm was completely snapped. Pavao released Downer, who fell to the canvas in pain and was tended to by referee Steve Rita.

The snap! was deafening, leaving everyone in attendance reeling from what happened. There were even reports of a few people fainting, a strong, yet understandable reaction given what they saw and heard.

You can watch the finish below, courtesy of Caposa on Twitter:

Warning: Video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

“Oh, his arm just broke,” said commentator Richie Santiago.

“Right in front of my eyes,” added other commentator Andy Kurzontkowski. “Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Technical submission, arm is snapped. Oh my God. Oh my God. Kyle Pavao, devastating submission skills…

“…I haven’t seen that happen live before,” continued Kurzontkowski. “That was one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen.”

“It happened so fast,” replied Santiago. “There wasn’t a tap. There was no opportunity to tap there.”

An update on Downer has been provided by Cage Titans FC promoter Michael Polvere, who told Nolan King of MMA Junkie that his humerus was broken and will require surgery.

Pavao sent well wishes to Downer in his post-fight interview. The 18-year-old hoped for a speedy recovery so that his opponent can return to training and fighting soon.

“It’s real bittersweet because I got the win in my amateur debut, but I broke another dude’s arm,” said Pavao (video provided by THEIR FIGHT STORY with Igdalia). “He has to go to work. That’s not how I wanted that to turn out.

“I wish a full recovery for my opponent,” continued Pavao. “I don’t want anybody to be out of training and hope he’s back in the gym as soon as possible.”

Pavao is now 1-0 as an amateur. He has also competed twice in grappling under the Cage Titans FC banner.