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KSI finishes Swarmz in second round: Full fight video highlights and results

One down, one to go for KSI.

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Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi
KSI and Swarmz throw punches in London
Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

Social media star KSI is boxing not once, but twice in one night at The O2 Arena in London. Part one was a matchup against rapper Swarmz, who took this fight on short notice and looked like he’d never boxed before. Predictably, Swarmz looked like someone who’d never boxed before, and KSI ripped him apart. KSI scored a knockdown in the opening round and then once more in the second round to pick up a comically easy win.

Watch the highlights below:

This card is filled with YouTube stars and social media influencers, including Deen The Great, who TKO’d Evil Hero in the opening round. Deen The Great’s celebration didn’t quite stick the landing.

But if you want a real KTFO, check out Salt Papi’s starching of Andy Warski.

KSI’s quest for two wins in one night will cap off with a main event fight against Luis Alcaraz Pineda. If you want to check in on this event then catch the live stream on DAZN worldwide or DAZN PPV if you’re in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, or the Republic of Ireland.