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Ben Askren blasts Jorge Masvidal for trying to get Leon Edwards title fight

Ben Askren doesn’t think Jorge Masvidal deserves another title shot.

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Ben Askren has slammed Jorge Masvidal for requesting a title shot against Leon Edwards after avoiding the newly-crowned UFC welterweight champion for the last three years and losing his last three fights in a row.

Edwards and Masvidal have a history dating back to 2019 when ‘Gamebred’ sucker-punched ‘Rocky’ with a ‘three-piece and a soda’ backstage at UFC London. The pair were expected to settle their differences in the Octagon last year, but Masvidal pulled out of the matchup due to injury.

Masvidal is 0-2 in title fights against Kamaru Usman but believes he deserves a third title shot against Edwards, which Askren thinks is ridiculous. ‘Funky’ put his former opponent on blast on Twitter, demanding Masvidal win some fights before he starts asking for a title shot against a man he ducked for several years.

“Been off the grid camping….. why is not getting a title shot off 3 losses in a row a controversial opinion,” Askren questioned on Twitter before following up with a couple more Tweets.

“Also I would rather be a has been than a never was.”

“Lastly you can’t avoid someone for 3 years then try to pick a fight once they get a belt.”

Edwards is likely to defend his title against Usman in a trilogy fight next year, with UFC president Dana White teasing a welterweight showdown at Wembley Stadium in the U.K.