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Brendan Schaub dubs Michael Bisping as the ‘Rosa Parks of British fighters’

“Bisping’s 100% percent f—king British, and the reason why Leon Edwards is where he is today.” 

On Saturday at UFC 278, Leon Edwards scored the biggest victory of his career with a last-minute knockout win over former pound-for-pound and welterweight king Kamaru Usman. With the victory, “Rocky” also became the second British titleholder in UFC history.

His predecessor, of course, is Michael Bisping, who became the undisputed middleweight champion in 2016. And for former heavyweight fighter turned commentator Brendan Schaub, “The Count” deserves all the props for paving the way for all UK fighters today.

“Everything he does is based out of Birmingham, England,” Schaub said of Edwards in the recent episode of the Schaub Show (H/T MMA Mania). “He is a full-on, f—king thoroughbred of a Brit to get it done. Granted, [Michael] Bisping’s 100% percent f—king British, and the reason why Leon Edwards is where he is today.

“Don’t get it twisted, the U.K. scene wouldn’t be anywhere it is today without what Michael Bisping has done.”

Schaub went on to explain his statement with this analogy.

“He’s the pioneer, he’s the f—ng Rosa Parks of British fighters. First one to become [UFC] champion, first one to win the Ultimate Fighter, first one to beat these huge names.

“His fight with Anderson Silva is one of my favorites of all time. Michael Bisping is a straight-up legend. I don’t think there will ever be a Brit more important than Michael Bisping.”

The UK MMA scene did get some shine through Bisping’s popularity, but it’s quite an odd comparison to Rosa Parks, an icon in the civil rights movement that pushed to end racial segregation.