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Videos: Actor Tom Hardy gets multiple submissions, wins gi and no-gi gold in BJJ competition

Tom Hardy did really well at blue belt.

Actor Tom Hardy on the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Venom” Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Tom Hardy, a famous actor known for his many roles in movies and TV such as The Dark Knight Rises, Peaky Blinders, and Mad Max Fury Road, has been doing jiujitsu for a while now.

He reportedly started training sporadically after his role in the 2011 MMA movie Warrior, before taking it more seriously in recent years. This past weekend, the 44-year-old actor came in as a four stripe blue belt and competed at the inaugural REORG Open in the UK.

Hardy won gold in both gi and no gi divisions, getting multiple finishes as well.

Videos of two of his matches have since been uploaded online. The first match shows Hardy defending a triangle attempt, before transitioning to north-south, where he threatened a kimura then transitioned to a nice armbar finish.

The gold medal match saw Hardy drop down for a straight ankle lock then go belly down to get the tap:

All in all, it was a pretty good showing for the famous celebrity, who decided to quietly test himself in jiu jitsu. The 44-year-old already deserves props for simply making the walk, but he actually did really well in competition. With four stripes and two well earned gold medals, I guess we can also expect him to earn that purple belt soon.

In case you wanted to see more combat sports footage of Hardy, there’s training video of the actor rolling in gi (when he was still a two stripe blue belt), and also doing some boxing sparring from last year: