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UFC 278 corner video: This is what Leon Edwards’ coaches said leading up to KO of Kamaru Usman

Here’s what transpired in the corner of Leon Edwards before his fifth round knockout win over Kamaru Usman at UFC 278.

Leon Edwards scored one of the most sensational finishes of the year with his fifth-round head kick knockout win over Kamaru Usman at the main event of UFC 278 on Saturday. “Rocky” was actually down 3-1 on the scorecards entering the final stanza before the stunning finish that earned him the undisputed welterweight title.

Edwards’ corner knew that their fighter was down on points, and like how reliable coaches would, they made the necessary adjustments mid-fight. All of that was caught on video, which was shared by longtime MMA correspondent Ariel Helwani via Twitter.

“Come on Leon, it’s one-one, come on,” one of his coaches is heard saying during one of the round breaks. “Don’t make him bully you, Leon!”

As the fight progressed and Usman slowly pulled forward, Edwards’ coaches called for him to “get f–ng ugly out there.”

“You’re two down. Come on, you’re letting him control you too much, son. You gotta get your hands going, Leon. You gotta get your hands going!”

After the fourth round, the intensity only dialed up as one of Edwards’ coaches was heard saying “stop feeling sorry for your f–ng self!”

“You gotta pull this hit outta the fire!”

Living up to his nickname, Edwards did exactly that, landing a left high kick off a feint and hitting Usman squarely on the jaw in the final minute of round five.

According to UFC president Dana White, a trilogy between the two may happen in England, Edwards’ home country sometime in 2023.