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Kamaru Usman issues first statement after losing belt, upset KO against Leon Edwards at UFC 278

Kamaru Usman talks about losing his title.

Kamaru Usman looked to be a minute away from winning a decision and adding another dominant title defense to his decorated resume. Leon Edwards though, had other plans at UFC 278.

The Brit feinted and made Usman slip his left hand, perfectly setting him up and to lean into an incoming head kick. The shin connected cleanly to put Usman out cold, and Edwards became the new champion after completing one of the most memorable comebacks in UFC history.

After the knockout loss, Usman was naturally checked by medical staff and didn’t do any post-fight interviews. The now former pound-for-pound king eventually took to twitter to issue his first statements about the loss, making a vow to get back to the top.

The comeback KO loss was the first defeat for Usman in the UFC, after going 15-0 in the promotion. This also ends Usman’s incredible three-year reign at welterweight that saw him win six straight title fights.

Usman and Edwards are now 1-1 against each other.