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KSI’s boxing opponent sports ‘white power’ tattoo

Ivan Nikolov is a Bulgarian boxer who has won just three of his 21 bouts.

KSI’s latest boxing opponent appears to be a full-fledged neo-Nazi after pictures emerged of his white supremacist tattoos.

The English rapper and YouTuber is scheduled to face Ivan Nikolov, a Bulgarian boxer with a 3-18 pro record and a series of hateful tattoos, including the words “white power” emblazoned across his stomach.

Nikolov also sports a “Blood & Honour” tattoo on his left forearm, which refers to the extremist skinhead group founded in the United Kingdom, and a three-pointed swastika that serves as the logo for the racist group. He also has a Celtic cross surrounded by a circle—one of the most commonly used white supremacist symbols—and an SS (Schutzstaffel) logo representing the paramilitary organization responsible for much of the crimes committed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

Lastly, Nikolov has a “white madness” tattoo on the top of his head.

While concern regarding Nikolov’s hateful tattoos began after YouTuber Kavos exposed the Bulgarian fighter on his channel, it is worth noting that boxer Daniel Blenda dos Santos commented on the tattoos following his April 2021 fight against Nikolov.

“When I saw his tattoos, some of them racist in nature [neo-nazi], I wanted to hurt him,” Dos Santos said at the time. “I am not disappointed to have had [a short fight]”

KSI’s boxing return is scheduled to take place on Aug. 27. However, it remains unclear whether Nikolov will be allowed to proceed with the fight given his abhorrent ink.