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Rockhold slams UFC’s ties to Nelk Boys, calls out ‘degenerate’ for Mexican ‘gift’ to Ecuadorian

Former champion Luke Rockhold doesn’t understand the UFC’s association with YouTube stars The Nelk Boys.

Luke Rockhold at the pre-fight press conference for UFC 278: Usman vs Edwards 2 Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

YouTubers The Nelk Boys have enjoyed many perks that many MMA fans can only dream of. The group has so far gotten all-access passes to events around the world, as well as interview opportunities that most media outlets don’t get to have.

One of the group’s members even received a handsome cash gift for his birthday courtesy of UFC president Dana White himself, which of course got the MMA internet up in arms.

This seemingly tight bond between the Nelk Boys and the UFC likely won’t be understood by many, including former champion Luke Rockhold.

“The world’s going to shit,” he told Shak Mahjouri of CBS Sports in a recent interview. “Incorporating Full Send into the UFC is just the dumbest thing ever. I see these guys around here, I’m like, ‘Why the f—k are these degenerate kids a part of our f—ng company?’

“Why is Dana White… ‘cause he’s trying to buy into popular culture? Popular culture is going down the drain, it’s bringing the whole world down the drain, and people just need to wake up.”

On the pre-fight press conference, Rockhold also called out a “degenerate” from the outlet for his interview with teammate Marlon Vera. He gave Vera a Mexican Luchador mask and wanted to scream lines from Nacho Libre, when the fighter is actually Ecuadorian.

“I see all you guys around here right now, and I see this motherf—ker right here. You need to do your f—king homework. This f—king degenerate culture of Barstool Sports and Full Send, you gotta do your homework. You can’t approach ‘Chito’ and give him a f—king Mexican mask and about his culture. His culture? He’s f—king Ecuadorian motherf—ker. Do your homework,” Rockhold said.

“You gave him a Mexican mask and said ‘This is your culture’ with wrestling, something along those lines. It was a disrespect to him, and where he’s from. Being a reporter is about doing your homework and really understanding. I know that you guys got carte blanche because Dana is f—king partnered with you guys right now, but f—king do your f—king homework,” he said.

“You related it to him being a Mexican. That’s how he took it. That’s Mexican culture.”

The 37-year-old (16-5) Rockhold will be breaking his three-year hiatus this weekend at UFC 278 when he faces former title contender Paulo Costa in the co-main event.