Group Chat on The Red King — Rory McDonald

Hello BE community.

I’ll keep it short and sweet, as I’d love to hear everyone’s input into the news of Rory McDonald’s retirement from the sport today. Particularly, where everyone believes Rory began his downfall from once being near the top of the sport in the welterweight division.

Candid Post Fight Speech *

Rory McDonald’s post-fight speech from Bellator 220 — all the way back in April of 2019 — depicted a reverent religious tone, and piously devout odd demeanor, while strongly conveying his feelings of uncertainty on his fighting future. Yet, his statement put out then seemed to confirm that he was not done with competing. Ariel Helwani stated that Rory’s "Honesty in the interview about his feelings on hurting another man…are fascinating"; while Chuck Mindenhall wrote an exceptional piece analyzing Rory’s comments in what I’m referring to, especially when he stated: "But if we melt at shows of compassion when two fighters embrace after they go to war, we should melt when a man goes to war with his own conscience to approve the actions."

To all of the readers, what is your take on Rory’s fighting career following this speech, as at this time he was considered one of the top welterweights on the planet; to then winning only 3 of his next 8 fights.

Or is this just a standard case of a fighter’s body breaking down in the past few years, due to the unforgiving physical cruelties of the sport in general?

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