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‘Psychopath’ Mike Perry warns Michael Page he ‘should be worried’ ahead of bare-knuckle fight

Mike Perry warns Michael Page he will be fighting a ‘psychopath’ at BKFC London.

Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry has warned Michael ‘Venom’ Page that he will be embracing his inner psychopath in the bare-knuckle boxing ring next Saturday when the two fighters meet at London’s Wembley Arena for BKFC 27.

Perry, a former UFC welterweight, claims Page ‘should be worried’ ahead of the matchup and that the London Shootfighter doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for in his bare-knuckle debut.

Perry (1-0 BKFC) warns the elusive Page will be entering a world of pain on Aug. 20 as the Miamian plans to unleash on ‘MVP’ from the opening bell and become one of the first fighters to make his opponent bleed.

“I want to see what happens when I do connect with you and I do get some cuts on your face. I want to see what happens then,” Perry said at the BKFC 27 press conference (h/t Low Kick MMA).

“You slippery little snake boy. I’m coming after you. I’m coming for you. You should be worried, MVP. I’m a psychopath,” Perry screamed into the camera.

BKFC London: Page vs. Perry takes place on August 20 at the OVO Arena in London, England.