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Sam Alvey ‘out of contract’ with UFC, wants fight with ‘douche’ Jake Paul after gym run-in

Now that he’s officially done with the UFC, Sam Alvey is directing his attention toward Jake Paul, whom he apparently has some history with.

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Veteran Sam Alvey fought out the last bout agreement in his UFC contract this past weekend against Michał Oleksiejczuk. Unfortunately, his eight-year stint with the organization ended via first-round TKO, capping off a four-year winless streak.

But “Smilin’ Sam” isn’t calling it quits on competing yet. In his recent appearance on the MMA Hour, the 36-year-old joined the list of fighters who want a piece of YouTuber boxer Jake Paul. But for Alvey, the reasons are more personal.

According to him, he was invited as a sparring partner for older brother Logan. He did have an encounter with Jake, and it wasn’t a very good one, to say the least.

“He was a douche,” Alvey said of the younger Paul. “He was. I’m smiling Sam, I’m not supposed to be saying that — he was, he was a douche. Logan seemed OK. Logan, I actually almost broke his jaw in the sparring session. I was doing the best I could to carry him, to just be a training partner for him, throw some. And he just kept getting hit.

“And at one point he kind of fell back, ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!’ But I was supposed to spar his brother too, Jake. Jake wouldn’t do it afterward. I said, ‘Jake, I’ll take it easy, I’ll give you whatever work you want.’ But Jake wouldn’t spar me that day. And then I was never invited back.”

Alvey did express approval for Paul’s stance on fighter pay. But outside of it, he wasn’t a big fan.

“Some of the stuff he was doing with the girls that were at our boxing day, it was bad. That bothered me. It was nothing terrible. It was just, yeah, he was doing stuff I was present for, and it’s like, they were fine with it but I wasn’t. So that was kind of my big problem for the day,” he said.

“But his fighter pay thing — and people hate me for this because I think fighter pay is pretty good and I defend it fairly well — he goes after fighter pay, but he doesn’t do it because he believes anything. He does it because it’s an easy win, it’s an easy way to get people on his side.”

Now that he’s no longer under UFC contract, Alvey is looking forward to other outside endeavors, which involve both Logan and Jake.

“I wasn’t allowed to because I was under contract. Because I can’t be talking about other contracts. Now that I’m out of contract, well, I’m going to let my jaw heal, and then I’m going to start [working toward it]. But no, absolutely — as much as I’d like to fight Jake Paul, I would much rather wrestle Logan Paul (in the WWE).

“Why not [do both]? I could do them on the same night. I’ll pin one — 1, 2, 3 — then I’ll knock the other one out.”

Alvey knows what his weaknesses are, but he’s nonetheless willing to put himself out there.

“I’m the first guy that he would have fought that is a knockout guy,” he said. “I am a guy that has always been a striker, and I would be the first non-wrestler. I’m not quite a boxer.

“I’ve never boxed. I’ve kickboxed, 7-1 professional kickboxing, but I’ve never boxed. But I am a striker. So it might be the way he sees himself fighting next. I think it makes sense. There’s a chance.

“We’re reaching out to [Showtime], we’re seeing what happens.”

Alvey ended his professional career with a record of 33-18-1 (1 NC).