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Russian women’s boxing team coach saves man from drowning in Caspian Sea

Albert Mutalibov rescued a man drowning in the Caspian Sea.

A Dagestani boxing coach is being celebrated as a hero after saving a man from drowning in the Caspian Sea.

Albert Mutalibov, head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team, noticed a man being carried by the current into a rocky section of the coast. The 49-year-old dove in after the man, despite the dangerous conditions, and pulled him to safety.

Tatyana Kiriyenko, Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, announced this on Tuesday in her Telegram channel.

“Today, head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team Albert Shukurovich Mutalibov, risking his own life, saved a drowning man in the Caspian Sea,” Kiriyenko wrote. “I have always said that boxers are defenders, and Albert Shukurovich, no doubt, has also become a hero!

“I am sure that he could not have done otherwise. We are immensely grateful to him for this invaluable act and infinitely proud that there are such brave and reliable people in our ranks.”

Mutalibov, who was in the final day of training camp with his team when the incident took place, is best known for training world champions such as Svetlana Gnevanova, Ekaterina Paltseva, and Sofia Ochigava. He also coaches Kazakhstani boxer Firuza Sharipova, who is ranked number two in the world by the WBA after losing to Ireland’s Katie Taylor by unanimous decision last year.

Mutalibov has served as the head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team since March 2022.