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Graphic: Blake Perry suffers horrific broken nose at A1 Combat 4

Easily one of the worst broken noses in MMA history. 

Blake Perry’s broken nose at A1 Combat 4 on Sunday.
Blake Perry's broken nose at A1 Combat 4 on Sunday.
Screenshot from A1 Combat 4 broadcast on UFC Fight Pass

It hardly seems controversial to say that Blake Perry suffered one of the worst broken noses in the history of mixed martial arts this past Sunday.

Perry fought in his second professional fight against Marcel McCain on A1 Combat 4 at Stockton Civic Auditorium in California. During an exchange in the first round, McCain wrapped Perry up in a clinch and delivered a brutal knee to the nose of his opponent. It was a shot hard enough to push the man's nose from straight to curved—Perry was disfigured in an instant.

The welterweight fighter continued until the end of the first round, but by the time the doctors examined him there was practically no way he was going to make it out of his corner for the second round. Despite his best attempts to go on (!), the fight was waved off, and McCain was declared the winner by way of first-round TKO.

You can see the gag-inducing injury below, courtesy of UFC Fight Pass:

Warning: Videos below are graphic. Please proceed with caution.

Perry has since provided an update on his nose, which was reset shortly after the fight. And yes, we have a video of that, too (h/t Alex Behunin of Cageside Press). If you listen closely, you can hear it pop. Yikes.

“Unfortunately the doctor would not let me go out for the second round of my fight last night! All respect to my opponent Marcel on his hard fought victory,” wrote Perry on Instagram. Even though the fight was only 1 round we still brought home the fight of the night bonus.

“Thank you to everyone who has been checking in on me,” continued Perry. “I am healing up quick and already have a fight booked for this coming weekend……jk.”

The loss to McCain saw Perry fall to 1-1 as a professional. The 27-year-old previously fought under the Bellator MMA banner, where he earned a second-round submission win over Makoa Cooper at Bellator 278 this past April.