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I was getting ‘hot flashes’ - Sean O’Malley nearly passed out during UFC 280 press conference

“It was so scary, dude.”

Sean O’Malley during the UFC 280: Press Conference Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Sean O’Malley went to London this past week to promote his upcoming bout against Petr Yan, and he revealed an interesting tidbit about the UFC 280 press conference. According to “Suga,” he was freaking out during the media event and worried that he’d pass out on stage.

“At the press conference, I was like getting hot flashes,” O’Malley said on his YouTube channel (HT: Sportskeeda). “The lights were so bright, dude. I legitimately for a second there was freaking out. Yeah, I thought I was going to pass out. It was so scary dude. It was so scary.

“I remember answering one question and was like ‘oh, f—k!’,” he said.

“I almost wanted to get up and just walk off stage, but I don’t know if I could do that,” he said. “I think I played it off good enough. I was hearing the questions, but I couldn’t think like I wanted to answer them. But then it kind of went away, it was only a couple minute period.”

I’m glad he’s okay and didn’t pass out, but speaking of periods, hot flashes are typically from hormonal changes, more commonly when women go through menopause. So technically, since O’Malley’s experience was caused by outside heat sources, it’s a completely different thing. Anyway, I just thought that was worth mentioning.