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UFC London results: Curtis Blaydes gets 15-second injury TKO after Tom Aspinall hurts knee

Curtis Blaydes defeated Tom Aspinall due to an unfortunate knee injury just 15-seconds into the UFC London main event.

The top of the UFC London billing ended in an anticlimactic fashion as the #6 ranked heavyweight, Tom Aspinall, suffered an unfortunate knee injury against the #4 ranked, Curtis Blaydes. The injury happened just 15-seconds into the match after Tom threw a kick, and then quickly dropped down to the mat in agony. This will officially go down in the record books as an injury TKO win for Blaydes.

Aspinall stayed down for some time as medical officials attended to his right knee. They ended up putting a long brace around it, and then had to wheel him to the Octagon exit. Tom did go down the steps under his own power, but couldn’t help but grimace the entire time.

It’s unclear what caused the injury, but we can all agree that this is something none of us ever want to see. Hopefully this isn’t too serious of injury, and it’s something that Aspinall can bounce back from.

Curtis Blaydes def. Tom Aspinall by TKO at :15 of round 1: Heavyweight