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‘I’m coming to take his chin home with me’ — Paddy Pimblett promises violent KO win at UFC London

“I’m not going to be shooting no takedowns. I’m coming to stand with him and take his head off.”

Rising UFC star Paddy Pimblett plans to make a big statement against Jordan Leavitt in their lightweight fight at UFC London on Saturday.

Pimblett (2-0 UFC, 21-3 MMA) promises to make Leavitt (3-1 UFC, 10-1 MMA) pay for questioning his authenticity in the media and claiming ‘The Baddy’ puts on an act before his fights.

The Liverpool native admits what Leavitt said ‘p-ssed’ him off but that ‘The Monkey King’ will live to regret his comments after Pimblett ‘takes his head off’ and then teabags him — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare style — in what has the makings of a viral post-fight celebration.

“He’s pissed me off,” a disgruntled Pimblett told reporters at the UFC London media day (h/t Mike Heck of MMA Fighting). “When the fight got announced, I really didn’t mind him. He had 12,000 followers, now he has 30,000 just off the back of my name, and the people who don’t like me. He’s got loads of followers just because people don’t like me.

“He can talk all the s*** he wants, but he knows full well that when that cage door gets shut, I’m going to take his head home with me.”

“He’s being a little weirdo like he is, but no one can out-weird me. I’m weirder then anyone,” he added. “I’m going to teabag him. I’m going to squat as close to his head as possible without the ref shouting at me. Just squat up and down like I’m on Modern Warfare 2.”

“I’m going to come out and I’m going to take his head off. I’m not going to be shooting no takedowns. I’m coming to stand with him and take his head off. I’m coming to take his chin home with me. He can’t throw a punch to save his life, he really can’t. He doesn’t come into fights to win, he comes into fights not to lose. Try and take me down and sniff my balls for three rounds, that’s not going to work.”’

UFC Fight Night 208, which features Pimblett vs. Leavitt on the main card, takes place Saturday, July 23 at The O2 Arena in London, England.