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Eye poke! - Sean O’Malley vs Pedro Munhoz full fight video highlights from UFC 276

Watch Munhoz vs O’Malley.

Much hyped prospect Sean O’Malley had the biggest step up of his career at UFC 276, taking on Pedro Munhoz, who is in the top 10 of the bantamweight division. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much as an accidental eye poke ended the contest anticlimactically. Munhoz said he couldn’t see, and the fight was declared a No Contest.

Watch highlights from the contest below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play:

Sean O’Malley vs. Pedro Munhoz, Round 2

They exchange a few kicks. O’Malley jabs to the body. He scores with a right and just misses with a spinning hook kick. Front kick from O’Malley. He leads with a left but doesn’t follow up. A right is blocked. Munhoz with an inside leg kick. More Munhoz low kicks. O’Malley pops him with a jab. Munhoz gets him back but then gets eyepoked. Yikes. The ref is bringing the doctor in. Munhoz says he can’t see anything but black out of one eye. The ref clearly doesn’t want to call it and is giving him more time. The doctor says his eye is damaged so he’s forced to wave it off. Unintentional foul, and it’s a No Contect. O’Malley immediately hugs Munhoz and apologizes. It’s all good sportsmanship, just an unfortunate incident.

Sean O’Malley and Pedro Munhoz go to a No Contest (unintentional eye poke), 3:09 of round 2